SeimDei takes care of the operational hassle of deliveries so you can scale your business, reach more customers, and increase your revenue.

Benefits when you partner with SeimDei

Easy delivery set up in less than 24 hours

Once you sign with SeimDei, you will be up and running in a matter of hours.

Access to drivers in your area

Connect to multiple fleets of delivery drivers in your area.

Order Tracking

The customer will receive a link to track the order from beginning to end.

API Integrations

Best way to streamline delivery for your catering operations. Click here to learn more.

Web Portal

Access to our mobile-friendly delivery management portal, no apps needed.


Restaurants with high-volume operations may negotiate a percentage of the tips for their teams.
Send your catering orders with SeimDei's fleet of drivers and let your catering production team do what they do best. Contact us so we can discuss the benefits.


across major business areas

Jersey City
Washington D.C.
+499500 orders
+500 neighborhoods
0 major cities and counting
50.7% major cities and counting
+$10 million delivery dollars


Agatha Rodriguez

Catering Coordinator

Panera Bread

We made the accurate decision to partner with SeimDei to assist our catering team with deliveries seven days a week. SeimDei's set delivery fees and ability to negotiate tips allow us to keep a full team to handle more orders. The delivery drivers are consistently professional and reliable, and they always represent the Panera Bread brand well. I highly recommend SeimDei to anyone looking to elevate their catering operation.

Mayur Raval


Baja Fresh Franchise

SeimDei has proven to be an excellent alternative to the ezDispatch service. Our partnership with them has resulted in significant cost savings on delivery fees while maintaining a high level of service for our store. Their user-friendly restaurant delivery management portal allows us to schedule orders effortlessly and conveniently from any device. Their dispatch team is highly responsive and ensures excellent customer service by remaining on top of every order, contacting customers on behalf of our catering team, and mitigating any negative customer experience that may occur.

API Integration Use Cases


Enter the information through our delivery management portal and keep track of the delivery process until its completion.

Catering marketplace

If the marketplace doesn’t offer delivery, SeimDei can integrate to manage restaurants’ catering deliveries.


Integrate SeimDei with your online ordering page or restaurant POS

Delivery management

Regardless of how you integrate with SeimDei, you will always have access to our delivery management portal, which gives the restaurant full control and visibility of every order 

Deliveries at your price 

We believe the right delivery fee will always be the one you and our dispatch team agree upon.  SeimDei does not charge a percentage of the food total to connect you with our network of drivers in your area. 

Flexible delivery fees

SeimDei's mission is to ensure it connects great business people with great food at a fair delivery fee.

Reliable Delivery

Our fleet of drivers will take care of your order from door to door.

Delivery Coverage

While most deliveries are within a 10-mile radius, we do accommodate orders that are further away.

How does it work?

Here’s the operational flow from how an order is placed to once a delivery is completed.
Delivery Request
The catering partner places a delivery request through our mobile-friendly web portal or API integration.
Match Order
SeimDei's dispatch team reviews the request based on the total fees, if the total does not cover the delivery cost, the dispatch will make an offer to the restaurant to increase the delivery fee. The restaurant will only accept or reject the offer. The dispatch then sends the order out to drivers in the area to accept or reject the job. Once arrangements have been made the order is confirmed.
Order Pickup
On the day of, the driver will arrive at the restaurant location and work side by side with the catering partner to ensure the order is complete before departing the restaurant's premises.
Catering Setup
The driver will set up the food according to your brand expectations, take a picture of the food setup, and then submit the proof of delivery (POD) with the order details.

Let us help you get started!

Connect with us and learn how SeimDei can become your best delivery option.