About Us


Our mission is to empower restaurants of all categories, from family-owned to chains, to expand its customer base through catering delivery solutions that fulfill customer needs while still using third-party marketplaces for the restaurant's goals.

Our Values

People and technology are at the core of how we operate to generate revenue for businesses and livable wages for workers. We work diligently to support our catering partners.
Our catering partners count on SeimDei’s strategic nationwide operations, detail-oriented local dispatch team, and reliable fleet of drivers to generate repeat, returning, and new customers for their business.
Customer Centric
SeimDei is built to empower and connect great restaurant brands with great workers. We offer the best experience on-site to keep customers coming back to our catering partners for more exquisite meals.
Everyday workers
SeimDei aims to promote fair trade between gig workers (independent contractors) and restaurants. 
Technology-driven operations
With SeimDei, catering partners can streamline the delivery process and seamlessly integrate with their digital ordering capabilities.

Who We Are

SeimDei Delivery is a minority-owned business founded in 2014 by two brothers to address a need in the catering industry: expand a restaurant's footprint without the hassle that comes with delivering at scale and overpaying for it.


The Team

Luis Alberto Valencia

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Juan José Valencia

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Carolina Valencia

Chief Marketing Advisor

Alfonso Lopez

Delivery Operations Manager, U.S. Markets

Jose Magues

Head of Marketing Operations

Daniel Magues

Senior Software Engineer CEO at Sysnnova Studio