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A trusted customer-first and technology-driven partner that provides a simple and reliable delivery service at our customers’ fingertips.


Our mission is to become an important tool for your business growth. We have developed the most efficient catering delivery solutions for restaurants, cafes, food chains, and franchises that want to offer the next level of customer experience to their valued clientele. Go where your customer is — and SeimDei will take your business to them.

As your partner, SeimDei is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards while making the process simple for you. Moreover, the use of the latest technology allows us to optimize the overall process and provide cost-effective deliveries.


Before the launch of SeimDei Delivery in January of 2014, we identified a need in the industry: expand the reach of restaurants without the hassle that comes with delivering at scale. Since then, we have delivered thousands of corporate catering orders. Our team takes pride in our great experience in the industry and the exceptional service we provide to our partners and customers across major business areas in metro Atlanta. Our mission is to become an important tool for your business growth – increase your restaurant’s sales margins with catering orders by managing the delivery fleet, service and platform.

Learn how you can be a SeimDei driver

Learn how you can be a SeimDei partner


Catering coordinators or designated staff member schedules catering orders through SeimDei’s customer portal.

The order is placed in the marketplace, then assigned, followed by a notification confirming the order.

On the day of the delivery, the driver will arrive at the pickup location at the time established, this can be 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the order and distance.

Driver works side by side with the restaurant’s staff to ensure the complete order is handed to them.

At the delivery location, the driver performs a basic setup of the food. Takes a picture of the set up and the signed receipt, and submits these to the system.

The catering coordinator or designated staff member that placed the order receives an email notification confirming delivery made with all the order details.


We have some of the most affordable and competitive plans based on the customer needs.

Contact us for more details and learn how we can provide you with the manpower your restaurant or cafe requires to execute your catering operation daily.

Fill our form or Email us at info@seimdei.com

Orders must be placed the day prior by 6PM – Monday through Sunday
Last minute orders are based on driver availability.
Please check with our support team.

We will bill you twice a month through our cloud based solution. One invoice will be for all deliveries performed from the 1st to the 15th of the month. The second invoice will be from the 16th until the end of the month.
ACH payments are also available. We’ll provide all of the banking information so that the funds can be transferred into our business account.


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