We have some of the most affordable and competitive plans based on the customer needs:

Plan A – Tips included
Plan B – No Tips
Plan C – Volume pricing

Contact us for more details and learn how we can provide you with the manpower your restaurant or cafe requires to execute your catering operation daily.

1 – Catering coordinators or designated staff member schedules catering orders through SeimDei’s customer portal.

2- The order is placed in the marketplace, then assigned, followed by a notification confirming the order.

3 – On the day of the delivery, the driver will arrive at the pickup location at the time established, this can be 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the order and distance.

4 – Driver works side by side with the restaurant’s staff to ensure the complete order is handed to them.

5 – At the delivery location, the driver performs a basic setup of the food. Takes a picture of the set up and the signed receipt, and submits these to the system.

6 – The catering coordinator or designated staff member that placed the order receives an email notification confirming delivery made with all the order details.

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